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A familiar smile makes it so hard to make a choice....

I don't know if I should stay...Away...

Alexz Johnson 24/7
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This is a community for any Alexz Johnson or Instant Star fans. There are rules so be sure to follow them. And if you do, then we should have a good time.

1)Be nice. Everyone derseves to be here.
2)No drama. I hate drama so don’t start any here.
3)Feel free to post whatever you like. But take into consideration that not everyone will like or agree with it. But of course, it’s freedom of speech.
4)Don’t go stalking any of the mods of this community or anything.
5)If you know Alexz personally, keep it to yourself. No one needs to know but you.
6)If you do join, be sure to post something at least once a week!!!
7)If I think of any others, I’ll update this.

Also, feel free to join the website that this community would be nothing without.


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